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Don't forget to make a Conference Call and wish Happy New Year to your family & friends!



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at&t conference calls  Telephone call among three or more people in different locations provided by AT&T telephone company.



verizon conference calls


verizon conference calls  Verizon Communications, formed by the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic, is one of the world's leading providers of wireless-accessed 3+ party conference calls.


3. video conference calls  A discussion made possible by electronic communications between two or more people in different locations. Participants view each other on screens; real-time sound and video is transmitted between locations via the network.


4. phone conference calls  A telephone call among three or more parties via a analogue phone. The sound quality of phone conference calls is typically degraded by a loss of sound over the telephone lines unless bridged and amplified before re-transmission.


5. telephone conference calls  Telephone calls among three or more people in different locations.


6. conference call A service feature that allows a call to be established among three or more stations in such a manner that each of the stations is able to communicate with all the other stations.


7. conference calling  An estabilishing call with three or more stations so after that each of the stations is able to carry on two way communications with the others.


8. corporate conference calls  Two or more offices (meeting rooms) connected by telephone and capable of maintaining a continuous connection.


9. audio conference calls  Allows you to speak to more than one person at the same time. This can be extremely useful for remote business meetings. To use this service, it must be supported by your network and by your phone. You may also have to add this service to your subscription.


10. conference calling  See conference call [6.]



bt conference calls


bt conference calls  A telephone roll which, by making use of a BT bridge, connects more than two individuals at geographically distinct locations for simultaneous conversation.
12. teleconference  Live, two-way audio transmission between two or more locations. Usually includes speaker phones and microphone amplification systems that allow audio volume balancing for people at different locations from the microphone. May also be supported by the use of FAX machines, etc. (See video conference calls [3.])


13. teleconference calls  A conference held between a number of people in different geographic locations. Each has a PC with a video camera attached. Each person is recorded on the camera and the image is played back on the other participants PCs by a special application program.


14. cheap conference calls  Conference calls not charged by your local provider but by your conference company. Dialing a special toll-free number saves you money.


15. audioconference  See audio conference call [9.]


16. teleconferencing  A two way communication between two or more people who are in different locations. This can be via video, audio, or computer systems.


17. conferencing  A group-wide online communication process, conducted either via the Internet or an organizational intranet. Conference participants can view online presentations, communicate with each other via chat software or interact one-on-one with audio software and microphones.




at&t teleconference  Using AT&T phone, computer and communications technology to carry out a meeting between people in different locations.
19. emeeting  An electronical 'meeting' by telephone or Internet in which three or more people in different locations participate.


20. a One of the conference call ops.